The Fountain of Peace

Lumbini, situated in the plains of the beautiful Himalayan kingdom of Nepal was a pleasure garden that enticed Maya Devi to take rest (while enroute to her maternal home), thus becoming the place where she gave birth to Prince Siddhartha who would become the Buddha.

The Buddha is the world teacher of the path to peace and lasting happiness: a teaching which has been accepted and followed in the intervening centuries by millions of people in Asia and now in increasingly large numbers all over the world. During the past century Buddhist studies have been established in nearly all corners of the globe and interest in Buddhism whether on the part of devotees, scholars or ordinary citizens is steadily on the rise. According to the Mahaparinibbana Sutta, the Buddha is said to have emphasized the importance of pilgrimage to this holy site. In this Sutta the Buddha had this to say about Lumbini:
Building a peace education
ceter at the Sacred Birthplace
of the Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal