The Fountain of Peace

The Buddha’s teachings of peace and non-violence have never been more valid and relevant than in today’s insecure world of global conflict and unrest. In order to promote Buddha's teachings and a culture of peace and non-violence, Canadian Engaged Buddhist Association (CEBA) is building an institute in the sacred birthplace of the Buddha in Lumbini.

Various Temples in Lumbini

The purpose of the institute is to help the visitors of Lumbini to get maximum spiritual benefit from their visit to this holy site and to help develop Lumbini as a World Peace Site by exemplifying the harmony of the Buddha’s teachings in the world. Another overarching purpose of the Institute is to fill the gap in the need that has been identified to provide visitors with: a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated means of Dhamma study, meditation practice, and pilgrimage; a general perspective of Buddhism as a whole; and the history and significance of Lumbini. Our helpful volunteers, free from motivations of religious conversion, will help with all kinds of questions, queries, research, and assist with seeking out other sites of historical and spiritual significance in the region.

The center will contribute to the peacemaking efforts and the promotion of a culture of peace in today’s world.

Worldwide attention is focused on Lumbini not only because pilgrims and tourists come from all over the world, but because for all mankind Lumbini has special meaning as a place of meditation and spiritual renewal, a centre of cultural exchange and a symbol of peace. Peace, understanding and a vision that transcends cultural and national boundaries are imperative in our insecure, nuclear age.

The institute will also benefit teachers and traditions from around the world for leading various peace-oriented programs and meditation retreats at this most holy site. From time to time the Institute will organize Dhamma talks and Conferences for visitors. The library will provide various books, audio and video resources for visitors to learn and explore the teachings of the Buddha.

Purpose of the Project

Signboard of Bodhi Institute at the Construction site in Lumbini

Proposed Features