The Fountain of Peace

We are pleased to announce that initial work has already begun. The Lumbini Development Trust and the Government of Nepal have kindly granted CEBA 80x80 m a plot of land to build the peace institute in the East monastic zone of the master plan of the Buddha’s birthplace. The site is very strategically located to serve the maximum number of visitors. A water well has been installed, the fence construction is under way and temporary shelters for workers and project supervisors are being built.

The proposed Dhamma Centre, with its purity of intention, is a great opportunity to participate in the greatly meritorious act of honoring the Birth of the Bodhisattva at Lumbini Garden. The benefits that the Dhamma Centre will bring by helping visitors in their practice and introducing new practitioners to the path of peace will indeed be limitless.

May everyone have the opportunity to participate in this noble activity
If you wish to participate in this most meritorious project at the Birthplace of the Buddha please kindly contact us at the addresses as given below. Any support whether large or small will be greatly appreciated. Dedication of merits to all the sponsors shall be undertaken during the sharing of merit at the Dhamma Centre.